Thursday, January 5, 2006

Enough with the celebrity romance dreams!

So I told you guys the embarassing John Mellencamp dream story, and sure enough, I had another dream. This time about House.

The story line of this dream is even weirder. 'kay..ready?

I was at the Kroger salad bar, when this guy (house) started chatting it up. We made small talk and as I was leaving said sorry, i would have laughed a little more at your jokes if I wasn't married.

We leave for the parking lot at the same time, and as he is driving away he crashes into a telephone pole.

A few days later he shows up at our house with a contract saying that he will sue me for causing the wreck because he just couldn't get me off his mind (puh-lease I get that line everyday!) the contract also says he will pay Adam $7,000.00/month for alimony. I am like duh take it!

So the rest of the dream goes on and on about how I end up falling for him, and my inner turmoil. Pretty damn weird huh? yeah I thought so too. Although House is pretty hot in that angry, jaded addict, who hasn't shaved in a few weeks, and is killer in the sack sort of way. Yum...


  1. Ceece,
    This has nothing to do with this particular post. Just wanted to say HI!
    Hope your grandfather improves soon. I've been there done that with my mother.
    Pay no attention to the SOLNA bunch. They're just fearful of fear itself.
    Check out my blog if you haven't already. I need input.

  2. Just so you know, House is my fake-life boyfriend and we may have some issues over this one. ;) Jim's hoping that House will pay for my trip to Thailand and if you come between that we will be ever-so-sad. Also, did you know that he is either English or British (I cannot remember) and has, as such, a charming accent.
    Also, he was the dad in Stuart Little.
    I suppose I can get over this House incident as long as you stay clear of Barry Bostwick. I have strange taste I know. :p