Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Good times at my expense

I was up at my grandma's house on Sunday with my parents, to help her sort clothes etc. I was sitting Indian-style* out on her couch playing with one of those sand-filled stress balls, when the the thing bursts open and sand goes everywhere.

My mom and dad and family friend immediatly started lauging and I had to gently remind them that I was stuck here until someone went and got a vacuum. Well who knew "I am stuck here until one of you gets a VACUUM!" was the funniest phrase in the English language, they all laughed harder. My dad goes and gets one of these little hand-held ORECK vacuums with the attachments, comes over and is gingerly poking at me with the stupid wand.

All of the sudden he throws down the vacuum, his face red, looks at my mom and says, "Come vacuum your daughter". Needless to say, everyone lost it again.

Good times indeed.

*Not intended slanderous in anyway to our Native American readers
**Update**Ok I'm not sure if I was drunk or what when I wrote that , but thanks so much to Brit for pointing out my faults :-)


  1. snad-filled?
    sound goes everywhere?
    Youngblood would be proud.

  2. bret is so difficult! (bret don't erase any of my WB shows since I'm talking smack about you!)

  3. Good stuff with the sand. Thanks to those stupid stress balls, the floor of our minivan has enough sand on it to fill the kids sandbox and more. I really like it when there hands get sticky from candy and start grinding sand into everything, like, um...let's see...daddy's stereo for instance...

  4. Do you have a large Native American audience? ha

  5. The hilarity of that story makes me want to cry! I told Jim that I peed my pants, but that was an exaggeration. . .though only a small one. :)