Friday, January 27, 2006

Hot Dog Cookout!

Wednesday I had a meeting in Cinci for work. I had been dreading this meeting and got home a little late. Adam decided he was going to be awesome and start a fire in our outdoor fireplace and cook me some hot dogs! (i know i know it's sick but I love me some hot dogs).

It was a pretty funny scene when i arrived home. Conner had 2 paris of pants on, overalls and a hooded zip up jacket, he was running around the backyard(have I mentioned this kid LOVES to be outside) just tryinig to keep his balance.

Adam had the hotdogs on a stick and was holding them over the little fire pit. It was so funny.

This is the kind of stuff though, that I hope everyone get's to experience. It made me realize how lucky I am. It was freezing outside, and Adam HATES hot dogs, but he does it anyway. and Conner, well he's just pretty much awesome.
Here are some pictures for your Friday enjoyment...
101_0120 (Small).JPG

101_0121 (Small).JPG

101_0122 (Small).JPG

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  1. Sweet. It's the little things that make your heart melty that are the best bits.