Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm Ba-ack!

First off, a big thanks to everyone who helped me and mine out in some way over, not only the last few days, but ever since my grandpa got sick.

The service was nice and had a lot of meaningful parts in it, some of his favorite hyms, some bible verses read by a close pastor friend of his, and I read my list. It was nice while I was reading it to hear some people chuckle at a few of the things and respond in a knowing manner. I felt I did a good job representing and summing up parts of him that made him, him!

It has been your prayers, thoughts, messages and visits that have made this bearable. Those that made the trip to come to the funeral home on Tuesday, just wow, you guys are awesome.

(does this feel like it's turning into an Emmy speech to anyone else...)

But seriously, it has been rough and still is, but you guys really have helped!

I have some pictures to post from Conner's dedication, and a few other cute ones so click below to see 'em

*the shoes that he is wearing, were mine and Alicia's when we were little. My dad painted and polished them back into awesome shape!*

*Conner and Oliver, doesn't Conner have kind of a Tom Cruise thing going on here?*

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