Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Like Jonah in the Whale

Sometimes when I am shopping and I see a shirt that I really like but they don't have it in my size, I will get the next size up. I usually think to myself that it will make me feel and appear smaller, but it never does. I hate the way I look in the shirt I am wearing today. It makes me look wide and shapeless.

Perhaps the fact that I gained a bit at WW has something to do with it too. damn shame too, this is a cute shirt.

Lesson: Always buy your clothes to fit right!


  1. Amen! Baggy clothes make everyone lose all sense of shape.
    Sometimes I buy them too small so that I am motivated to keep working out so that they will fit. I did this for the bridesmaids dress for my friends wedding and it worked. . .now i just need more friends to get married. Ha :) Most of them are married.

  2. This rule applies for clothing the next size down, too - EVEN IF you're going to wear it UNDER something else. Like my beautiful peppermint stick colored button-down shirt that only came in a size SMALL but I bought it anyway to wear under my MEDIUM sized green sparkly sweater. Well, my boobs kept making the buttons pop, so I tried to safety pin the darn thing shut, which just made the shirt poke out through the sweater in various places. I don't even dare to wash the stupid shirt, because it will only shrink to Paris Hilton proportions... and then what will I do?