Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Little Boy Mute

Conner had his 18 month check-up today. Adam took him, so I am sure I only got a sampling of dr-y words from the dr. Not really the best day considering this was also his day of the week at the shit-hole baby prison daycare.

He not only had to get some shots, but we need to stop giving him a bottle at night, give him whole milk-not 2%, he only gets 4-6 oz of juice a day-not the gallon he usually drinks, and the biggie, she is concerned about his speech.

Conner can sign plenty of words, but the boy refuses to speak English, unless he is yelling for me, Adam or Pap. He babbles all the time, but no words. He understands things that we tell him, 2-3 step commands even, but the boy WON'T TALK. So we have to make an appt with Kids Steps, a government organization that works with differant types of therepy for kids birth to three years old.

Given the fact that the kid is not only amazingly cute, but he is so damn smart, we are really perplexed (but not to worried) about what this could be about.

I have an appt to call the dr tomorrow morning and find out where we go from here. Bleah.

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  1. Please try not to worry too much. Since Conner is smart and can even sign he probably is not talking just to get your attention. Or maybe just to aggravate you. Kids do weird things sometimes.
    I would check into it also, ie. Kidsteps but just to make sure. I'm willing to bet everything is perfectly normal.
    Remember, Einstein refused to speak until he was 4.