Tuesday, January 3, 2006

New Year's Pics

It was a little weird with Aaron not being there :-( but people got drunk and stupid enough to take his place. Raech and I hardly had anything, Save a beer during catchphrase and the champagne toast. At any rate here are some pics from Tim's and then some from the family gathering.

*Daniel and I both spouse-less, Robin was at work and Adam in Virginia*

*Jess giving an excellent clue in a rousing game of Catchphrase*

*A really, really great picture of Raechel">

*We played girls against guys, but the guys had a few to many so Sean swtitched over to the dominating girls team, we ruled*

*The girls winning-AGAIN*

*Yeah. not real sure what Sean is doing here*

*Tim, Raech and some guy I don't know*

*Tim's brother giving, what I am sure was, a crappy clue*

*The New Year in Time's Square*

* Raechel ringing in the New Year*

*Oliver and Alex*

*Conner and Oliver*

If you want to see more pictures click here

1 comment:

  1. Yes! I never left a comment when you linked me here to watch the music video...(which was very fun by the way) but now I always have to check up on the pictures.
    I'm defiately stealing that one of me!
    I love the fact that Conner is holding corned beef in his new years picture. and uncle roy in the back ground! HAHA!!