Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Protesting at Soldiers Funeral

Protesters are planning on gathering at a slain soldiers funeral in Evansville. The protestors are from a church in Kansas and are actually protesting anti-gays, and say that our soldiers are being killed because the United States harbours gays.

How disgusting, to use this time and this families pain to make your (ridiculous and hateful) point.

Here is the whole story


  1. These people have sunk to an all time low.
    How can they call themselves Christians!!!

  2. To the members of Westboro Baptist: Honestly if you like many others dont like your country; a simplier solutions get out! You dont have to change your views or opinions or stop voicing yourself but at a soldiers funeral? If one of you died how would like if a group of beligerent protester demonstrated themselves. While your family is morning these guys are telling you you died vainly. Get a life.

  3. First off, Why? A so called christian does not behave in a manner that would judge someone ,to include a country, they to shall be judged. Second, A soldier who sacraficed his life deserves the respect of every American, if that isnt enough every human deserves a proper burial without any political ties.