Thursday, January 26, 2006

Public Service Announcement

I have decided that the public is again due for another one of my PSA's regarding driving. The one I wrote regarding yielding (motherf-er!) went over well, and I thought I would inflect my knowledge again.

1. Pedestrians Have The Right of Way. Yes they do, but, that may give said dumbass the right to stop while crossing the street/parking lot, but generally-not a good idea. This includes but is not limited to STOPPING TO TIE YOUR DAMN SHOE, stop-once you are already out in the middle of the damn lanes- and check for traffic, or slow down their gate enough to appear like they are walking backwards.
When you are crossing the street and a car is coming your direction MOVE OUT OF THE WAY ASSHAT!


2. DON'T PARK IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE!!!!(public parking psshhh-sshhawww)

That is all thank-you.

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