Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thursday Thirteen- Things on My Mind

Thirteen Things about Ceece

1. Getting Conner out of the day-care even though he is only going once a week.
2. Making sure I write down everything I eat so I can get back on track for WW
3. A post that I have been following regardng religion, and how it doesn't matter if what you believe isn't bother anyone else, they will still pick an arguement just so they can be right
4. Conner's dedication on Sunday
5. Going to visit my grandpa after work
6. How this experience with him at the hospital is just another example of the sh*tty way our healthcare system runs.
7. How gorgeous the weather is outside
8. Is that a sinus head-ache?
9. How much butt I kicked this month at work
10. My next tattoo
11. That tomorrow is Friday!
12. I need to return something to Steinmart, but when will I have the time.
13. How happy I am Adam will be home this weekend.
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  1. Ahhhh, I gave in to this Thursday 13 craziness :o) Ha! Now, I need to get back to yet another demographic study for work.