Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Kids, it's official, Adam and I are doing the mature thing and using our tax return to pay off our credit cards, BUT(!!!) we will have enough money left over to get a brand new Nikon D50

(don't worry I didn't know what the hell half those words meant either) but it does take some damn good pictures! I can't even wait.

It's also easier, like socially, to take pictures in public with something other then a point-and-shoot. Especially at concerts or something, this way you kinda look like you know what you are doing, instead of just some crazy fan-whore taking more pictures for your mini-shrine-errr-not that people do that...

Adam and I stopped by Murphey's Camera on Sunday to just check them out and get a little bit more information. The lady there was super helpful, and they have lots and lots of fun toys for it. I was looking at the lens selection they have and was impressed by two things, how many different kinds there are, and how relatively inexpensive!

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  1. Court, I hope you had a better day. Thats awesome about the camera! If you need a place to deposit your old one....you know where ta find me ;)