Thursday, February 9, 2006

my business,my businasss

I leave tomorrow morning for 5 straight fun-filled days with my co-workers. That's right. It's NADA time again, and this year it's in Orlando, which excites me for a few reasons.
1. WDWCP and Moraiba!
2. Hopefully the party's won't be as crazy as they are in Las Vegas and New Orleans, and I won't get to much grief for pussing out early. (dude to be fair, I have to walk around for 8 hrs/day for three days, covering like a bajillion square feet)

But let's get back to reason number one. When I was a sophmore in college I did an internship at Disney World. This was powerful on so many levels for me. It was the first time I had been away from home for an extended period of time, since I attended IUS, which was like 10 minutes from my house, I obviously didn't "go away" to school.

While I was there, not only did I become good friends with my roomates and surrogeate roommates, but also with the full-time people who worked at Disney.

Moraiba, who was our trainer in a lot of the stores, was probably the most memorable for me for a few reasons. Ha, the first one was because on my first day of actualy work, she spilled hot water on her hand from the coffee machine and the store was in total chaos. The other (not quite so painful) reasons revolved around her being just an awesome person.

She always went out of her way to make you feel welcome, and if there was something you were struggling with then she was there to listen, bitch with you, whatever.

She heard every stupid story about Adam, and was so psyched when he came down to visit. She had a Christmas party at her house, and since we were away from our families, she invited all the cp's* over.

She is pretty good about keeping up via email, and always has something fun to say.

Moraiba, I can't wait to come see you girl!

*college programmers

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