Tuesday, February 7, 2006

National Annoyance Day

Did someone send out a memo and I missed it? Or perhaps wasn't included on purpose. I swear to everything that is holy, yesterday was my own personal National Annoyance Day. I mean this shit just came in waves!

Where to start,oh how about work. No real change, still micromanaging every second and every step of my day. You would think, that being the number one sales rep for the last 6 months would earn me some kind of peace, or make them step back and say, "oh, hey she seems to know her shit, let's leave her alone and let her do her thing." Yeah, not so much.

Then I made the mistake of picking up a Velocity and reading the cover article on Scott Ritcher. WHAT.A.CREEP. This guy takes pride in stealing the "Support our Troops" magnets off of cars, because it is "a tiny victory in his guerrilla attempt" to curb super-patriotism. Ummm...what? Needless to say I am super, super SUPER PISSED. I wrote a letter to the editor as well as a phone-call.

Then there was a city council meeting. Good lord. I can't count how many times I was sitting there when I realized that my jaw was hanging open from disbelief. I can't quite understand if people want the city to grow but are afraid to spend money (and if I hear about grandma's freaking cigar box ONE MORE TIME...) or they want the city to stay how it is, or maybe they have no real opinion but just like to hear themselves talk. One council man talked for a good 10 minutes about how and why he voted like he did, and if we just were a little more like him, what a better place the city would become.

Ahh politics, how I love thee.

My mom said that she see's this being my kind of thing because I am so social, but it's not really that, I don't think. Nope. I am just nosey.

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