Tuesday, February 7, 2006

On a lighter* note

I got my hair cut on Saturday. Now I know this may not seem to be a big deal, but oh if you only knew the internal struggles I face everyday because of my hair, and when it is cuttin' time, get out the Pepto!

See the thing is, I feel that all I've really got going for me are a cute kid and nice hair. When your fat, people don't really compliment you on your clothes or tell you you're pretty, the hair is always a safe bet though. I need my hair to look nice and stand-out a bit. I need people to remember me for something other then being Alicia's fat sister, or Conner's mom.
Another problem, Adam likes the long hair. I know he may not believe me, but listen to me honey, I do feel a twinge of guilt every time I get it cut, I swear, but long hair on me, does nothing for the chub.
It's shorter then it was and also has more blonde. I told Marla, my perpetually late but the amazing job she did on my hair for the wedding saved her ass, hairstylest it reminds me of how a "mod Barbie" would look. I'm getting my go-go boots now.

(see I do know how to smile!)
*get it blonde=lighter heh hee heh.


  1. Ooooohh so cute. Someday I'm gonna get all ballsy and cut my hair short.

  2. Very nice hair ma'am!
    I know what you mean about fat people getting compliments. If I have one more person tell me that I have a pretty face or a great complexion...I might just snap. I see that as code for "well, I had to just make some shit up instead of saying, DAMN look at those wide-ass hips!"
    I wish I could pull off short hair. Brian, too, loves the long hair. It is such a pain to deal with in the morning, but so is short hair. With short hair I HAVE to do something with it, otherwise it just lays there lifeless.
    I love the color too! I need to save up for some highlights. I've never had them (too expensive to get and keep-up), but I have often coveted them.