Friday, February 3, 2006

Thursday Thirteen- Things I am excited about in 2006

Thirteen Things about Ceece

(yeah I know I am late with this)

1. Our first anniversary

2. Selling the house on French Creek Road

3. Getting our Nikon D50

4. Convincing Adam to at least condsider, maybe, that a sibling for Conner would be nice sometime in the next decade

5. Wow Adam and I will turn 25

6. Getting bikes so we can get some exercise(well mostly me, he get's enough at military)

7. Conner will be 2!

8. Watching Historic New Albany grow and be successful

9. Actually watching all of New Albany grow for the better and become the kick-ass city it could and will be.

10. The Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference in April

11. Maybe getting one of these?

12. Going to Lake Cumberland for vacation in June

13. Start renovations on the house!

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  1. sibling for conner!!!!! I'm putting my order in for A GIRL!!!!