Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Adam's latest purchase for the boy is a new bike with one of those little seats mounted on it.
We just got it on Tuesday, and neither boy could be happier. A

Adam took Conner to Target last night to get him a helmet and they went for their introductory cruise around the block. I stood on the sidewalk like a geek taking pictures and everytime they would pass me, Conner would squeel really loud. I'm not sure how was having more fun.

We weren't quite sure how Conner was going to do with the helmet since he kept pulling it off at the store. Once they got home, I could hear Adam telling Conner that wearing the helmet was a prerequisite to riding the bike. I had to stiffle my laughter. We can't get the boy to say anthing, but he is going to understand what prerequisite means?

Anyway, we loaded him up, helmet, jacket and all, and headed to the garage. Conner wasn't quite sure what was going on, but he was up for it.
DSC_0087 (Small).JPG

We got him all buckled in, and off they went. They only circled the block a few times, as it was a little nippy and getting dark, but Conner was definately ready for more! I don't know who was more excited Adam or the boy. I love to watch Adam with Conner and am constantly amazed at how much he adores him. Conner and I are both so incredibly lucky to have Adam as his dad.

bike 017 (Small).jpg

bike 015 (Small).jpg

bike 014 (Small).jpg

bike 016 (Small).jpg

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