Thursday, March 30, 2006

Don't say this to me, or I will cut you!

So this technically isn't a definition, but it will save your ass when you are talking to me anyway.
Yesterday, I cruised through the Chick-Fil-A drive through for a nice large, UNSWEETENED ICE TEA, but oh much to my unpleasant surprise, (and Adam's, because I was talking with him on the phone when I took the first sip) it was SWEETENED. I continued to tell him, that I just HATE when people do that to me*, and you know what prince-charming said? " Courtney can we just come to terms with the fact that for the next three weeks you will be hating everything and everyone?" Hmm point taken.

Hmmpppphhhh, what does he know, just because we are almost done with Trimester number 1, in which all crankiness during pregnancy is rooted...

*now that I have actually written it out, i do sound pretty damn pathetic, I mean it's not like someone punched me in the face, or called my kid ugly. THAT, I am pretty sure I would hate.


  1. Being pregnant means you're able to get neuroticly pissed off about the small things, and totally get away with it! :) It's to make up for losing sight of your feet and having to pee all the time!!

  2. I HATE it when someone gives me sweet tea. It's freaking nasty and it means I just paid $1.50 for something I will throw away. I make it a point to say "UNsweatened tea, not sugar." Which the cashier probably finds patronizing compelling him to spit in my french fries.

  3. You know what else sucks big time? When you're oh-so-thirsty for a nice glass of UNsweetened LEMON tea and there isn't a single tea distributor on EARTH that makes it UNsweetened anymore. What is the world coming to?