Friday, March 17, 2006

For Every Season....

Conner got sick on Wednesday night and he’s still sick this morning. We went to Qdoba for dinner on Wed and he was fine, he asked Adam to hold him and as soon as he did he puked all over him. We thought it was just because he had been so congested that day and he had too much snot in his belly.

Once we got home, he started puking again, and fussing. He finally quit throwing up around 10, but then spiked a fever around 11. We kept him in the bed with us and yesterday we all felt like zombies. Conner’s a bed hog! It’s nothing serious, just a virus according to the ped.

This is the first time in,-I don’t know how long-that he has just lain there, like a newborn almost. It was kind of a break as we were able to get things done a lot faster that usually take forever, like sweeping, cleaning the kitchen, making dinner etc. It was also nice because I got to snuggle him. I would just lay there next to him and stroke his face and eyebrows. I’m convinced this is soothing to him, because when were in the NICU right after he was born, there was a period of time where we weren’t allowed to hold him at all. We could only look and rub him. I would stroke his cheek bones and tell him how much I loved him and how much everyone loved him, how lucky we were to have such awesome families who would come and stay all night with us just to keep watch. I would say his name over and over again, in a low, soft voice so he would know I was there. To this day I swear if I rub his cheek the same way and say his name, I can see him relax instantly.

Anyway back to sick baby present day. After a while of him just not doing anything, I started thinking of how much I couldn’t wait for him to be able to get up and run around, and while he may be messy, and not that much of a help, I wanted him there teasing the dogs and conning Adam into reading his book.

It made me realize that while I have loved every stage we have gone through, (from newborn baby blob to nursing to eating solid foods to walking and so on) and how much I enjoyed it, I would never, ever want to go back.

I can’t wait for what tomorrow brings.


  1. Whenever Duncan is sick, I think the exact same thing. Completely aside from the fact that I feel helpless and horrible for him when he's not well, I miss him. I miss his energy and FUN. Even though his energy mostly exhausts me :)

  2. HA!! I bet you were thinking "Score!" when Adam got the puke and you didn't. :)

  3. Ceece, Better late than never! I hope that Conner is feeling better. He is one cute kid.
    Enjoy while you can for they grow up quick!

  4. You have such a great attitude. I always leave here feeling happy.