Thursday, March 2, 2006


Conner and I had dinner at my grandma's house last week. It was good for all of us.
I honostly don't know how she stay's there. I can't be there without sobbing.

She made chicken and noodles and mashed potatoes (ahh carb's, Hill family favorites)

Since she doesn't have a high-chair, he usually sits at this bar-stool and eats. I swear he is never that messy in his high-chair at home. We finally got him all nakie (save the diaper) and wrapped a tea-towell around him and let him go to town. We all had a blast.

Then we played a rousing game of pass the stressball!

Enjoy, and try to ignore your womb yelling at you from the cuteness!
02-06-2006 008 (Medium).jpg

02-06-2006 010.jpg

02-06-2006 014.jpg

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