Thursday, March 2, 2006

Hey look the wasabi matches my sweater!

Whenever we go out to eat as a company, it is inevitable that we end up at a Sushi/hibachi grill restaurant. It's not my favorite food in the world, but hey, it's free lunch so who am I to complain?

Anyway, I usually just eat the fried rice from the grill, and have slowly been trying some differant kinds of sushi, most of it-NO! We got this new guy who is apparently a sushi expert extrordanaire or some shit, so we go today and he is like ordering stuff with raw quail eggs, eel parts, shrimp heads, fish tenticles. BLEAH.
It took everything I had not to just yack all over the place.

I wanted to get my friend rice and get the hell out. Give me my Qdoba naked, vegetarian, queso burrito anyday. My beans and rice are my friends, no eyes or feelers or anything.


  1. Wise woman--never eat animals that don't have legs when they're living.
    When it comes to pets--never adopt anything that doesn't have eyelashes.

  2. Fish do not have tenticles. But even if they did, I still would not eat them.