Friday, March 10, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Ceece, just random stuff today

1. I know a secret!
2. I have been sworn not to tell until Monday!
3. This weekend is my grandparents and my parents anniversary.
4. I want to have a Derby party!
5. I really want to go back to Las Vegas and stay at The Venitian and sit by the pool.
6. We are going camping in June, I can't wait, this will be Conner's first camping trip, and there is nothing like beer and hot dog's cooked by a campfire!
7. I can't wait to get our new camera. Hooray for tax returns
8. My hair grows so fast, I just had it colored in the beginning of Feb, and the roots are just tragic now.
9. Hooray, it is supposed to get up to 72 today
10. Conner still isn't really talking, so I have a message into his ped to find out where we go from here.
11. I bought him a shirt that says, "I heard Einstein was a late talker" its from
12. I need a nice week-end break, I am in a MAJOR work rut, keep your fingers crossed that everyone decides they want to start advertising on Monday.
13. This week for breakfast, I have been eating sliced tomato and mozerella cheese, it is so damn good.
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1 comment:

  1. Ok Ceece, your roots are not "tragic" unless they're GRAY. Now that's TRAGIC!
    Here in Brussels it's all of 30 degrees. Send some warmth our way. I am SO READY to leave my big honking parka coat in the closet.