Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Ceece's Bumper Stickers. I either have these on my car now or did at one time

1. Techies Do It Backstage -from when I was in high school theatre
2. They Might Be Giants
3. The Cure
4. DMB (I've had about 6)
5. A purple fairy
6. VW sign on my Jetta
7. "Girls Go Fast Too" (I got pulled over a lot when I had that on my car!)
8. Ear-X-Tacy
9. Army Wife
10. Keep Louisville Weird
11. Nickel Creek
12. "My Other Ride Wears Combat Boots"
13. ivote (rip off of the ipod theme)
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  1. LOL....funny stuff!
    Thanks for stopping by my 13!

  2. I love to read different bumber stickers when I'm driving around but odd as it might sound, I've never put one on my car. Something I need to do.
    My list is up. Have a wonderful day. Be Well...

  3. Remember when John B @ Wesley Chapel asked you what a "Tetch Eye" (Techie) was?

  4. Fun stickers...I have never had a bumper sticker on my car...ever. It's kind of sad really ..My TT are up Stacie

  5. LOL! I liiiiiiiiike that #12! Too cute!
    My list is up!

  6. I saw #2 in concert at texas A&M my senior year of high school- was AWESOME!! :) Happy TT!

  7. Fun! I love bumper stickers!
    My 13 are up!

  8. There's a neighbour of ours who's bumper sticker says:
    I got a dog for my was a great swap! :)
    Happy TT day
    Elle x

  9. The fear of never getting them off again has made me never put them on my car, but I love reading them!