Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Ceece's Favorite Food. In honor of my morning sickness kicking in, I look back lovingly at all the things i used to like to eat.

1. Qdoba, Naked vegetarian queso burrito
2. McDonalds Daily Double Burger
3. Dairy Queen's Biscuit's and Gravy
4. Cheese!!!
5. Chicken Salad Sandwich from Ermin's
6. Crab Cakes
7. Coconut Shrimp
8. Cheese and spinach quiche
9. Potato soup (my grandma's recipe and the stuff from O'Charleys)
10. The Chicken Fingers and Fries meal with a fountain Cherry Coke from Steak N Shake
11. Cottage cheese and pinneapple
12. Butter popcorn from the movie theatre, and not the crappy imitation stuff they sell in the store that you microwave
13. Strawberry shortcake with foo-foo and milk.
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  1. I'd die without #7, you're a brave woman! In fact I may never have kids due to the fact I don't want to loose taste for any of my faves! *chuckle* Happy TT!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. My youngest is 15 now, but I still remember those morning sickness days. Hoping they go quickly and you get to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

  3. I was lucky on the morning sickness front, I was never sick. I did devolope food aversions though, from the hightened sense of smell. Things that taste good can smell SO bad.
    My biggest craving was string cheese with a can of root beer :)

  4. i actually have not had most of the things on your list. i didn't have morning sickness, but i did have to stop eating sour cream while i was pregnant, i even stopped having it in the house, i don't know what it was about it. took me a couple of years before i "allowed" it back in my fridge, but i'm over it now.

  5. so sorry about the morning sickness
    i always told people that they would glow too if they hung face down over the toilet as mucha s i did
    my 13 is up