Wednesday, April 12, 2006

12 weeks appt

Yesterday was the 2nd drs appt and everything looks good. The doc had a bit of trouble finding bean #2's hearbeat, and I thought we were going to get an ultrasound, but she found it in the end.

I know we've heard it before with Conner's but, wow, what an amazing sound. It's like what really drives home that we're having a baby. There is something alive in there, and it's depending on me to keep it going and give it what it needs. No pressure.

Next appt is in 4 weeks, and that's when we do the AFP test.

We decided to do the test, not because the resutls would have any bearing on terminating the pregnancy, but our thoughts are should there be a problem, we can start reading up on it now.

Not that we are thinking we will have a problem ,but this is major controversy for a lot of parents and practitioners, and I'm happy that this is one of the things we agree on as parents.


  1. I am so happy for you that all I can think to say is "congratulations" and "how wonderful." Maybe you noticed :p

  2. It's so freaking exciting to hear about all the baby news. If I move know you have another babysitter. I have to get my kid fixes somehow cause I can't find a man I want to go on a second date with so babies aren't in the near future for me. Will you do belly pic updates? I love belly pics!

  3. yes, I will continue to do belly pic updates for you. :-)