Friday, April 21, 2006

I’ve always been able to talk some shit when necessary and I seem to have a taste for the louder, angrier music, , I even had a crush on Billie Joe Armstrong (this was pre-eyeliner mind you)but when it comes down to it, a punk I am not.

Of course I went through the stage in high school with the puma’s and chuck tailors, hell I even went goth for a bit (shudder), but I don’t really get the safety pins as fashion statements or being angry at everyone and everything all the time.

This could be the reason why my most recent haircut is so particularly…well…off. I like my hair to be on the shorter side, but it’s a find line when you have a round face and a little bit o’chub. It’s never a good thing to give off the super butch vibe, not for me anyway.

I’m not really to devastated cause most of the people who see my hair are just the 2 others that I work with, and the fam. My hair has always been a revolving door for styles and color, so most of the time they just look the other way.

I’m not too pissed at my hair-stylist because she did rock it out on the color, and I did tell her I wanted the back short, plus my hair grows so fast anyway.

That being said, I still feel like I am getting a few too many crazy stares when I go out, my stylist assures me that I pull of the dramatic hairstyle well. (what the hell does that mean?)

So without further ado, I give you…PUNK CEECE!

bad hair 001 (Small).jpg
(oh wait, it get's better!)

bad hair 002 (Small).jpg
(trying to get a nice shot of the color)

bad hair 003 (Small).jpg

bad hair 004.jpg
(Top O' my head, now we know where Conner gets some of his cowlicks from)

bad hair 005.jpg
(I just don't even know what to say)


  1. You're right, the color is great!! It looks like two different styles, different from the front at the back. But I think it works!
    I almost always hate my haircuts at first (especially when they style it, it never looks like ME), but then I play with it, and get used to it, and it's usually fine :)

  2. I like it. I think it's looks great! What's all the fuss about? I think your hairstylist is right, you pull the hairstyle off quite well. The color rocks by the way!

  3. I am loving the hair. If I had straight hair I would totally try to pull that off and I have a super round moon face. It looks awesome!
    Also your Derby hat kicks ass!

  4. Wow, the color is so perfect. Love those chunky highlights.
    And hey, I like a woman who experiments with her hair and dares to be different. This is pretty cool. See, it adds an exciting counterpoint to your cardigan-loving, loafer-wearing persona. (And you didn't think I'd remember about all that?)

  5. I think it looks great. Besides I always like edgy stuff. I think you can also style it in a more conservative way when you want to as well. Short hair is amzing!
    I too loved Billie Joe Armstrong back in the days of dookie. I thought he was my soulmate. Yikes we have so many of the same crushes!
    Lets get together soon and catch up!