Thursday, April 6, 2006


Recently, my friend and all around amazing person, Tabitha went to volunteer in cleaning up New Orleans. She has posted her pictures over here on Flickr.

Really, go check it out. It may not be covered by the media as much anymore, but these people are still hurting and need a lot of strength, prayers, good thoughts whatever to get back any sense of normalcy.

It's a good reality check too. I have been all lame and acting sad because of my job, when there were people who lost everything. It's enough to make myself sick-of myself.

So, again, check it out, and don't forget that many organizations are still accepting donations to help.


  1. I was in the UK when Katrina hit, it was in the news, but mostly just the rioting and horror in the stadium. I recently saw some pictures, and I was horrified. I hadn't seen anything like it at the time, terrible.
    That said, don't berate yourself for feeling sad. Just because your situation is different than someone else's doesn't make your feelings any less valid.

  2. Thanks Courtney. I think your response is perfectly normal. People cannot cope if they worry about everything that happens in the world without end. You are very active in the community and have a job, husband, baby, and well. . another baby. (^_^) While people in New Orleans are having a difficult time, your worries and complaints are still justified. I too felt as though I was acting ungrateful. I spent some time complaining about the basic sanitation at the collective, before I realized that I was able to return home at the end of the week -unlike many of the survivors. It’s all about perspective – which is easy to lose. I think you’re an all around great person too.

  3. thanks to both of you for not making me feel anymore like a whiney baby.
    and thanks for the compliments :-)

  4. It just burns me up that the government and media have completely turned their backs on this region after the Katrina "hype" has ended. Our nation is in bad shape if this is how it leaves its people.