Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Your Name in Lights

Well, actually not really, just print, in our local rag.

Last night was another neighborhood forum meeting, and I think it went pretty well. Most of everyone is in agreement that we are interested in cleaning up New Albany, and making it a more desirable place to live.

Based on a neighborhood forum last week, the citizens have decided that for right now, we want to focus on stregnthening the code enforcement.

As shocking as this may be, sometimes I have a tendancy to run my mouth, and start a little shit, but I think I did fairly well last night. I didn't call anybody names or punch anyone in the face (but I do have a list...)

So anyway the meeting was productive and we are all eager to move forward.

You can read my awesome quote here.

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  1. Yaaaaa. Sorry I missed it this time around. I had to drive up to Bloomington for some advising regarding my trip abroad. Thanks for the summary!