Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Baby News

Had another drs appt today. Everything seems to be going well and right on schedule. Baby's heart beat was 162 which according to the old wives tales is indicative of a girl, but I still feel like it's a boy.

Our ultrasound got scheduled and get this, is on June 6. That's right 6.6.6. WTF! I was pleading the lady to just push it back one day, but she said they couldn't, they were too busy. Nooo devil baby.

Oh, I am also at the lowest weight I have been in quite some time. Strange huh? The dr said it's fine though because, well you know, I have some extra.

We have names picked out and are waiting to just find out so we can do some shopping and nursery decorating. whee. I think we will probably go with a sage green color, but hopefully the faux painter we are going to have come in will have some crazy awesome ideas that we haven't even thought of yet.

This baby will be born at Clark Memorial (pending no problems) and I am already getting a birth plan ready. I would like to labor for as long as possible in the tub, and then get a walking epidural. I was not happy about how strong and how much the epidural from Conner limited me. The thought of Adam getting to be here for this one is just amazing. So exciting.

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  1. When are you due?
    Just to ease your mind, there are no devil babies, that's just not possible. Babies are just so innocent and beautiful and I refuse to believe in devil babies.