Friday, May 12, 2006


So who watched The Office last night?
I know it sounds a little weird, but umm when Jim and Pam kissed, total butterflies in my stomach, much like when I watched Garden State for the first time. It was just really sweet I guessed. But damnit now I have to wait until the next season to see what's going to happen.

Now before you go giving me any grief for being lame, please keep in mind the following:
A) I am pregnant and hormonal so back the F off
B) I am emotional anyway
C) Shut uuup, it was really sweet!


  1. Damn, I missed it! I would have had the same reaction though. We can be saps together and I don't even have any excuse.

  2. I just posted about that show... great minds think alike, eh?
    Usually there are a couple of sad moments in the show when reality hits, but last night was a great episode. I saw that Steve C wrote it.
    TB, you should get it on iTunes.

  3. I have honestly never heard of this show.
    I will have to look into it and see what's it all about.

  4. I DVR'd it because we were doing something that night. Anywho I watched it Saturday morning and had the same reaction. I had butterflies that continued even after the scene ended. Awwwwww. . .and I am going to miss it when it comes back on. . .as I won't be back until January! :(