Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bye-Bye Baby

I just made an appt to tour the school that we would like to start sending Conner too. Did you hear that?! Conner going to school? Wow. Seriously I am getting all misty over here. That means no more baby, he's a big boy now.
He's going to be going to a school with other kids his age, and learning how to color, and share, and before I know it, he'll be coming home telling me about his best friend and all the stuff they do together.

It's a huge relief though that the school that we will be sending him to is so darn fabulous and at least I won't have to worry about him not being taken good care of. It's actually the kind of place that I swore up and down I would never send him too, because it was for all the hoity-toity's who thought they were better then me (ah again with the teenage angst) but now I realize that it had nothing to do with them, and like me, they just wanted what was best for their child. I used to babysit for a family who sent their daughter there and when i would pick her up in the afternoon, you could just tell she was having THE BEST time!

The days of a refrigerator full of drawings will soon be upon us, and I can't wait.

My little bean-dip is growing up!


  1. How exciting for Conner to start school! He is going to have so much fun and learn something new every day.
    You call him your little bean-dip? That is just to cute!

  2. kids grow up really fast,ull wake up next day morning and say, oh my God, he's in college now!!! but then it always ends up that we are still in the same pond that we were always in !!! ironical..