Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day Belation part 1

Sorry for the delay in posting. I usually try not to post over the week-end so I can be at home and enjoy my boys and this week-end was no different.

It being Mother's Day and all got me thinking about a couple things. One of them being how eerily right on my own mom's intuition can be. I mean it's freaking creepy sometimes. Even when she meet's a new friend for the first time, she can usually peg which ones are the flakes are which ones are going to really be there.

I'll give you a few examples of the creepiness.

When I was a senior in high school, a bunch of us decide that on the last day of winter break, we would go sledding at one of the local parks. It had been snowing, but it wasn't anything that resembled a blizzard or the like.
Anyway, that morning as my sister and I are piling on the layers, my mom is all but begging us not to go. She just keeps saying she doesn't have a good feeling about it. Yeah, right. Of course I'm just thinking that she totally doesn't understand me, and just doesn't want me to have any fun! (ahh teenage angst).

So we all load in the cars and off we go.

Dude, the park is packed! We all roll out of the car and get out our assortment of things-to-sit-on-while-we-go-down-the-hill-that-will-make-us-go-really-fast.

I’m so freaking stoked by this point. So I grab an “innertube” and my friend Jennifer hops on as well and with a whoosh and a squeal we are off down the hill. About halfway down we hit a bump and Jennifer goes flying! I remember the tube spinning around and I see her lying on the hill laughing her ass off. I’m laughing too, but stop once I realize that I, somehow, got way off course and, you know that part of a good sledding hill that is real long and flat at the bottom, well I managed to get to the part of the hill that didn’t have the nice long flat part for me to stop. Fuck. I am headed straight for the trees.

I get spun around backwards again and can’t see where I am going. Once I am facing the front I see, oh joy, I’m not going to hit a tree, but a big ass utility box. I remember trying to lie flat thinking maybe I could slide under it. Ummm not so much. The tube slams into the box and that causes me to slam into the box.

It knocks me out for a few seconds. When I come to, I can’t catch my breathe, and I am hurting like a sonofabitch. My sister and friend come running over laughing, and soon realize, this aint’ cool and we got a problem.

Some dude runs out of nowhere and crouches down beside me, telling me not to move. Umm yeah not a problem. Anyway, to make a long story short. I ended up at the hospital with 2 broken vertebrae and a handful of broken ribs. The point of this post is not me being a loser and messing up sledding, but HOW DID MY MOM KNOW??

Case 2: My sister wanted to go out with her friends one night when she was in high school and my mom said no. She didn’t give a reason and my sister wasn’t in any kind of trouble (for that minute anyway) but mom just said no, she had a bad feeling. Early, early, early the next morning we got a phone call that the group of friends she was going to go out with was in a very serious car crash and one of the girls was in a coma. It was pretty fucking scary, and the first thing we all thought was how glad we were that my sister wasn’t in that car. Once again HOW DID MY MOM KNOW??

Of course there have been the friends and boyfriends along the way that she had warned both my sister and I about, knowing that there would be tears and a broken heart involved somewhere in the future, and I think, while we misunderstood her pleas as being paranoid, she soon realized that a lot of the time this was just shit we had to learn on our own. Of course if she would, she would stop the hurting and let us learn the lessons of life
the easy way” but it just doesn’t work like that.

Already I find myself watching Conner in, what I am sure is, the same way my mom watched us. So proud of how big he is and how much he can do on his own, but so fearful of the harsh lessons life will surely bring his way.

When he has a check-up and he is due for immunizations I think I oftentimes cry harder then he does, it’s so hard for to not be able to make him understand that I am not hurting him on purpose and I do this because I will always use everything in my power to keep him safe and healthy. Much in the same way my mom reacted when she took my sister and I for immunizations when I was going into 6th and my sister into 3rd grade, my sister was crying and asking why she had to get a shot. I will never forget the look on my mom’s face when she grabbed my sisters hand and said, “I will always take away the hurt when I can”. Of course now I realize she meant much more then just a sting from a shot.

Thanks Mom, for being such a good role model for me and Conner. I am truly, truly blessed.

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  1. What a great post. I'm thinking you might have been a hand full growing up. lol I'm kidding. You sure were lucky you weren't injured worse when you hit that box. What a story that was.
    Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman and I'm sure you are a wonderful mom to Conner.