Thursday, May 4, 2006

PrePay After Dark

Is it just me or does there seem to be eerily common traits among gas station workers? It’s like there are usually 3 workers (hmm workers may be a little generous, how about employees) at the station at any given time, let’s review shall we?

Employee A: Usually younger and working their first job(damn what a way to start, no wonder some people enter the work force so jaded). Typically (if you get them while they are still new) they are the only ones doing any work.

Employee B: The crusty old person that works there, most standing around and likely smoking like it’s their last day on Earth, and looking like their dog just got shot in front of them. Don’t really move from the crossed-arm, pissed off stance the whole time you’re in the store (except to put the cigarette to their mouth). Think the landlady in KingPin.

Employee C: Real loud crazy person who finds in necessary to talk to everyone and call everyone honey, baby or sweetie. Creeps you the fuck out.

Or is this just how it is in Indiana?


  1. Haha! You totally nailed it. Don't forget about the attendant who is also the owner or the owner's wife who looks at you suspiciously and eyes you up the whole time like you're going to try to steal some beef jerky or corn nuts or something.

  2. ha! corn nuts. what the hell are those things anyway?

  3. Don't forget the microwavable pork rinds and the ornamental hot dogs.

  4. That's so eerily true. It pisses me off when haggard old ladies call me "honey."