Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Whew Vegas was tiring for a lot of reasons. I got up yesterday morning to go to work after our majorly delayed flight rolled in at 1 in the AM and felt drunk all day long. I went home and went to bed at 7:30, and Adam was so awesome that he did kept Conner pre-occupied with baths and peeing on Adam's army boots, and let me just sleep.

Anyway, I was out there for work (we had a convention on Thursday and Friday) from Wed-Sunday, and flew my mom out for Mother's Day on Thursday. I don't know which was more wearing, her or my clients for work.

I can see where I got some of my quirks that's for sure, but damn! Oy, girl wears me out! She immediately reverted back into mothering stage as soon as she got there, and I am sure that me being pregnant only amplified her urges. Don't get me wrong, it is sweet and awesome, but if I say that I don't want another glass of water I DON't WANT ANOTHER GLASS OF FRIGGIN' WATER!!!! ahem.

Oh did I mention she is nosey as hell? Now at least, I know I come by that honestly, that's what our major fight was about. She has to like, "help" everyone around by joining in their conversation. Mother, SHUT IT for a minute!

Oh yeah, and she doesn't like to spend money,at all. That must be why I sought out that characteristic in Adam. She gambled like once, and didn't even bring herself home any souveniers or whatever.

I mean she is so anxious she makes me look sedated. Ha for example, one night we got back in the room after dinner and the message indicator was blinking on the phone. Here's how that went down:

Mom: Courtney, what's that? What does it mean?!
Me: Mom, it means I have a message.
*I proceed to call the front desk for the message, mom stands next to me and begins to nervously bite on her nails, like they are going to tell me some big national secret.*
Me: MOM! Can you go somewhere else and do that?
Mom: Fine, I just want to know what's wrong!
Me: Nothing is wrong, I had a package at the business center but I already picked it up. NOTHING IS GOING ON!
Mom: So nothing is wrong? Everything is alright?
Me: YES!!!!!!

*Mom at The Venetian*

I did take a bunch of fun pictures of her though, and we had a good time, but I think we were both glad to get off that plane.

*Mom at Ceasars*

I also did a little bit o' shopping and got some maternity clothes, bean-town some clothes, and I got my watch!

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  1. That's a mother for you. I hate to travel anywhere with my mom. My mother wanders and I lose her! lol
    You took some great pictures of your mom. She looked really happy and so did you in the pictures from your previous post.
    I wish I had to travel to Vegas for work, that's one place my work will not let us go to. I tried a while back, I really wanted to attend a seminar out there but I was shot down. lol