Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Today, we celebrated Adam's second father's day, and it was all around a fabulous day. I got up and made him blackberry pancakes and eggs, which are two things I can actually cook quite well,( in fact I'll challenge my pancakes and eggs to any bitches in the land!).

After breakfast, and Conner boycotting the pancakes, seriously kid, as if it's enough you don't like Adam more, you won't even eat my food(!) we gave Adam his present. A new cd face for his truck that will allow his IPod to be plugged directly into the face, so we don't have to mess around with crappy FM Modulators anymore. Adam was pretty stoked. So much in fact, that we all had to hurry up and get dressed so we could go get the darn thing installed that morning.

Looking back, it was a pretty damn good day. We had some time to kill before so we went to Target and futzed around the baby furniture and then over to Bed Bath and Beyond to check out some linens and window treatments.

I realize to a lot of people this may sound like the day from hell, but it's these kind of days, even moments that I love the best and remember the most. Moments when it seems like it seems like everything just falls into place and my world is right.

I kid a lot that Conner likes Adam more than me, and while of course who doesn't want to be Ms. Congeniality, it actually makes my heart feel more full then I could have ever imagined. I knew that Adam was going to love Conner, after all, it's his son, but I had no idea he would like him so much. They have the best time together, doing anything. Whether it's playing in the drywall mud, or just reading a book, they just makes my day when I get to see them like that.

We are all excited for Lillian to make her big arrival, and I know that while it doesn't seem possible Adam will continue to be an even better dad, and for that I am so grateful.

Happy Father's Day, Adam, you really are doing a fabulous job.


  1. It sounds like a beautiful day to me. You are an awsome family and Lillian will only make it better.
    P.S. glad you are feeling better

  2. Those pancakes sound wonderful! I'm glad you had a great day.