Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm Dead Sexxy

Saaahhh-weet. I've wiped off my computer screen twice today after coughing fits and yesterday while we were eating dinner with Adam's family, he made the following two announcements:

Adam: Haha yesterday while Courtney and Conner and I were napping, Courtney fell asleep first and Conner was making fun of her snoring!!
Family: hahaha
Me: yeah Heh
Me: I'm so tired today.
Adam: You're tired?! You kept waking me up with your snoring!
Me: (red faced) umm you should have nudged me
Adam: I did!


  1. LOL! This is funny! I think we all snore when we are sick. I'm sure your snoring wasn't that as bad as Adam let on. lol

  2. i snore too, not all the time so far as i know. Mark on the other hand snores EVERYNIGHT. it is v. funny b/c when charlotte "pretends" to be sleeping she "pretend" snores. HA!