Friday, June 16, 2006

I swear I just have a cold! or Open letters to the bitches who ruined my night!

Yesterday proceeded to get worse and worse once I realized I was coming down with the same cold that Adam was trying to shake and Conner seems to be trying to fight off as well.

Dear Hairbitch,

I had an appt to get my hair cut and colored last night with you my perpetually late, client-treating-like-shit hairstyist. I've been ready to kick you to the curb quite a few times, but you really saved your ass when you did an amazing job on my hair and make-up for the wedding. Last night was it. You is always late, and not like 5 minutes like 15-20, you never ever can remember how we did my hair the last time, even though you guys are supplied with these fancy little client sheets, where you can practically write down my life story and have it on had when I come in. and the part that just pisses me off even more is everytime I call to make an appt you ALWAYS asks if I can be there early. WTF not like it matters because you are forever taking walk-ins before I come in.

Actually that's what happened last night. I called at about 10 minutes till my appt to say I was stuck in traffic and would be there about 5 minutes late. The receptionist said you'd scampered down the street to do blow or something (ok not really but I'm super pissed here) and she'd let you know.

So I run in, my big pregnant ass sweating all over the place. The receptionist lady tells me you'll be right with me.(Psshhhawww) 10 minutes later, still no hairbitch. I get up and find out what the hell is going on. "oh", the whiney receptionist tells me, "She's with another client, she took a walk in right before you came in".

MOTHER.FUCKER. I saw red (and not just the red on the tacky felt couches in the lounge). "cancel my appointment, i'm out"

I got up and left and went and sat in my car and just shook, I was so pissed. There is absolutely no excuse nowadays for bad service. Look bitches, I have worked in the customer service/retail/sales field my entire(short it may be) career, and with all the competititon that's out there, you better step up your game, because guess what, there are tons of people who will step all over themselves to take my hundred bucks every 6 weeks to do stupid shit with my hair.

I checked my phone last night and you had called like 3 times saying you were sorry and to come back in, I haven't even listened to all the messages. In the notorious words of Amil, "Never test my patience nigga I'm high maintenence"
Dear Wal-Greens Pharmacy Bee-otch,

First off, I'm not against body piercings in anyway, yeah yeah freedom of expression and all that shit, hey I know, I had a tongue ring and um...other body part pierced. Hooray for bucking society and authority. However, when you're talking with people about important shit, like dying if they don't take their medicine properly, and you get that little what foamy thing of spit that forms around your lip-ring, I'd say take that bitch out, you're making us gag sister!

Anywho, back to me. I know that you all just trying to do your job and protect the public from their own self-destructive ways, but seriously, I'm sick right now, and I need my damn sudafed. I am lucky to be functioning with the pressure in my sinus cavities right now, so forgive me since I didn't bring my drivers license. Oh what's that? What, you can't sell me an over-the-counter sinus and cold drug without proof of ID? Excuse me? Now look, I don't even want to get all political here, but come on goverment! I'm a sniffling, coughing, sinus-pressured mess, and I can't get relief because we have to protect all the junkies from themselves? F-that. I'm out.


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  1. Ha! You are cracking me up! It sucks when you have a bad day, but ummm it gives you great material!