Thursday, June 29, 2006

is today national douchebag day?

Riiiight. So did I miss the memo that went out telling everyone to suck today?

This morning there was some stupid lady in the drive through who would not pay attention to anything. We sat there behind her while she fussed with her hair (hey lady it looks like crap no matter what GO.ON) and talked on her cell phone, and took the opportunity to clean out her purse. Oh and then when she was ordering AFTER the drivethrough person had said, "will that be all?"
dumb lady,"yes",
drive through person" Your total-"
dumb lady" oh wait can I get blah blah blah"
She did this TWICE.

Then, THEN, on my way to lunch some assbag HIT MY CAR AND LEFT while I was waiting in line at a stoplight. He was trying to go around me on the right and didn't have the room so he just HIT ME! When he got up next to me I said yelled, "Hey you just hit my car", and do you know what sweetie said? "Fuck you I have to make a turn here".

Oh hell no bee-otches, it's on. So I turned to, he then ran every stop sign in the parking lot trying to escape the wrath of me. (and he probably didn't even know that i was pregnant and chemically impbalanced), then the smartypants thought he'd outrun me by turning into a subdivision. Oh you poor stupid little man. Don't fuck with me, I'll take your ass out! (he's just lucky Conner wasn't in the car) So I pull onto a side street because this subdivision is a dead end, and here he comes barreling down the street. He sees me out of the corner of his eye as I am writing down his license plate. The look on his face was priceless.

So I called the cops and reported him for a hit and run, unfortch unless he has a record there's not really anything that can be done since he didn't cause enough damage for me to turn it into insurance. Karma baby, karma.


  1. I love the mental image of you chasing this guy!!
    Funny, but not funny that he hit you. Asshead.

  2. Okay, Okay. I told Beckie that she is my hero today, but you are totally my hero for yesterday - I just forgot to tell you. I think I need to start picking a hero everyday. . .focus on the positives and whatnot (^_^).
    Can they look up his info from the insurance company even without enough damage. I thought it was illegal to hit and run. Bastard!

  3. yeah I thought it was illegal too, but the copper seemed none to concerned, although he did conceed the guy sounded like an idiot!
    Tory-you should have seen me, I'm sure I looked pretty crazy. I had my phone in one hand yelling at the 911 lady and talking to myself all at the sametime. I'm sure people thought I was NUTS!