Thursday, June 29, 2006

*Sniff sniff* What is that?

Umm I smell like baby pee today. What.the.hell.

getting ready to paint

helping dad paint.2

In other news, Adam will be gone on Conner's birthday because of his OCS (hooray for the military, two weeks!!!!)so we will be having a little (family only) party the week-end before. I decided to do this family only, mainly to save other people the time and energy of attending a two-year olds birthday party, it's nothing personal, but seriously, who gives a shit about a two-year olds party. It's basically going to consist of me running around like a younger version of my mom, all crazy and tweaking out if things start going off plan, Adam will grill and that's about it, and the grandparents will "fight" over who gets him the most, and Conner will behave as though he has been fed a steady diet of nothing but crack for the last two days.

Yee-haw. Although I am going to make the inviatations and party supplies with a plane theme, so be prepared for me to post lots of pictures of how awesome and creative I am. :-)


  1. Have fun. I love the second picture. Love. It.

  2. That second picture is SO CUTE. Really, put it on your wall, it's adorable.

  3. Yes, that 2nd pic is priceless. All he needs is a halo and a pair of wings... what a little angel!

  4. Best photo EVAH!
    Be sure to post photos of all your creative party stuff. I'm a papercraft grrrl myself and love seeing other people's projects!