Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Stargazer Lilly

I got home from work yesterday and while outside messing with Conner and the pups, and noticed that my Stargazer Lilly had finally opened, on the same day we found out that, in October, our own little Lillian will be (God willing) gracing us with her presence. Here are a few shots I took of it.

My creation


  1. And I just got caught up. Congrats on Lillian!!!!!

  2. I really like the third one. You should consider framing one of these and hanging it in her bedroom. I think that would be special. I, however, am a sentimental sap.
    It would also look nice with the black furniture. Didn't you say you were using black? I could be making that up. :)

  3. Beatuiful lillies! Lillies are my favorite flowers. I have many of them planted in my yard as well, not quite as pretty as yours though.

  4. hello! i found you're blog off flickr(coloriffic swap) and wanted to say what a lovely read i've had! congrats on number 2 and bizarrely enough...i have a connor and a Lily!! we have number 3 on the way and i know what you mean about crying about the one not being a baby puts butterflies in my tummy and sometimes overwhelmes me that this is happening right in front of our eyes! and to mkae you feel better...i'm not pregnanT! no hormones to blame...just being a mum! (my hubby says that as we're adopting number three then it could be insanity to blame for impromptu tears!)
    take care and i hope you don't mind me popping back soon!
    olive x

  5. E-Man loves daylilies. Back in Virginia, the majority of our beds were loaded with them, and my favorites were the deep red ones.