Monday, June 12, 2006


Wheeew. I can never tell if I feel rested or exhausted the Monday after returning from a vacation. This last week-end we spent with Adam’s family down at Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. We got their Thursday morning, and were treated to 4 days of fabulous weather and more fun with the boy then we could have imagined.

Conner loves the outdoors and takes to it like his mama takes to water. Adam always calls me a mother duck, I would live in the water if I could. Even on it. We grew up with a boat and spent almost every weekend from the late spring to early fall on it. I can get my sea-legs back in an instant. I love when you just get on the boat and it’s a no-wake zone, but you can see the opening just ahead. Waiting for you to get out there and cut the engine loose. I love the smell of the exhaust from the boat. When I was little I would hang over the edge and drag my hands through the water, just hoping to feel the water spray up on my face. I love how friendly other boaters are.

I was pleased to see that Conner seemed to feel the same way. He’s still a little wary of getting in the pool, or any body of water bigger than the tub actually, but wow did he love the boat. He would run from side to side to look over the edge, and then turn to get our attention and tell us all about it.

The cabin that we stayed on was lakefront and that meant that Adam and his brother and dad spent a lot of time fishing. Of course Conner wanted to fish too.

We also stopped by Mill Spring for the day and took some pretty pictures of the springs and waterfalls and also some of our fam.
The fam

There was a lot of time for me to spend on cross-stitching and just enjoying not being at work, and of course it went way to fast. I look forward to another vacation, but now it looks like my major things to look forward to are the baby in October (duh) but sooner then that is the finishing of Conner and Lillian’s room, buying of new furniture for our bedroom and the babies, and enjoying the weather.

More pictures if you click on the picture.


  1. Looks like a wonderful vacation. The cabin you were in was really nice! Connor sure looks like he was having a blast!

  2. Hi Ceece,
    I got the pretty notecards in the mail today-thanks! I hope you like the little Petoskey stone and the bag of Michigan Cherry Tea that I contributed to the Bag O' Swag.
    Your son is so cute! I love the photo of him in his diaper carrying his fishing pole. It's times like that when you're glad you had the camera ready, right?!

  3. wow.. that sounds really cool...growing up with a boat.. must have been a wonderful childhood.
    now we know where connor got the liking for the boat !! the picture of him looking at the water is really sweet..

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Those are great pictures of the whole family!

  5. You make me want to find a lake, and a family with a boat and adopt them. What a perfect weekend away!