Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wheeee guess who's getting sick! Arrgghhh. *UPDATE*

Adam has been sick for the last week, and I was hoping that it was just a sinus infection, and not anything he could pass along, but when the boy woke up all crusty around the schnoz yesterday, and I woke up with a thick scratchy throat this morning, I knew it wasn't so.

Shit. On my week-end too.

* Still feel like shit even worse. so I went to get a mcflurry on my lunch break. good times. It's helped a little*

sick damnit

eat it!


  1. well, what can i say !! shit happens !!!!
    guess not every weekend's fun filled... but then the only thing we can do is to take it as it comes...
    hope adam gets over his flu fast.. u take care as well..
    God bless

  2. A McFlurry sounds really good!!!
    Sorry your sick, I hope you feel better soon!