Monday, July 17, 2006

Awesome: my friend/neighbor Tabitha is leaving shortly for Thailand to volunteer for like 5 months, she also went down to New Orleans a few months ago to help clean-up, she's like super woman.

Not-so-awesome: dropping off Tabitha's birthday present at her house last night to her husband and in mid-conversation realizing that not-only was I not wearing a bra but hooray, my boobs had started leaking.

Hooray for pregnancy!

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  1. Jim did not mention anything to me about this. If he noticed, he didn’t give it a second thought. Jim is just that way. He never hangs on to anything. As an example, he often doesn’t notice when someone is being rude to him. I always have to get home and say “I cannot believe you didn’t say anything to them they were extremely rude.” He always says that he didn’t notice or that he already forgot.
    Thanks again for the homemade stationary. It is awesome!