Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Happy 4th

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July with their families and whatnot.

Monday I had to go into work, but we got off a bit early at 2 or so. This was so nice. I was able to pick up Conner from Waterfront Park where Alicia had taken him to play, and when we got home it was naptime for all. saaah-weet. Nothing like a 2 hour nap in the middle of the week. I'm not sure who said that the second trimester see's an energy burst, but umm yeah right. I could take a two-hour nap EVERY DAY. Of course it could also be the crazy pills that I've been taking again too.

I woke to find Adam sleeping on the couch and fixed dinner for the Bean. There was a city-council meeting that night so I was out the door by 7. ( I had to go save the world you know).

After the meeting I noticed on the way home that lots of people were celebrating early with fireworks so I loaded up the boy and the dogs and headed out the door to catch some fun. Ha of course the dogs were a major pain in the ass, and we only got to see a few fireworks, but by far the highlight of the evening was SEEING A DOG GET HIT BY A CAR. I thought I was going to puke right there on the sidewalk. God that's the most disgusting noise in the world. Luckily it was OK.

I decided that was enough fun and home we went.

Yesterday we all slept in a bit and then went to Cracker Barrel for some brunch. Mmmm nothing like a carb overdose to get you going. Off to the grocery store where not only did Adam hit Conner in the head with the car door, but they both lost their shit over there not being a driving cart for Conner. To be fair, it was near Conner's nap time, and the driving car was all we had talked about on the way in to the store, oh and he just had some mild head trauma. you know from the car door? Adam was pissed that Conner was pissed, so mom saves the day and stalks some poor family out to the parking lot to get their cart. Good times. Of course now Conner could care less and all he talks about the way home is the sucker that dad gave him. Ungrateful little shit...

anyway. the grocery store adventure was then followed by (can you guess) another 2 hour nap! damn right. which meant we rolled out of bed, late for the festivities at Adam's parent's.

Conner ate 3 hotdogs, ran around in the garden, got naked and played in the pool and was just overall cute.

I was in charge of lighting the fireworks for a bit, not really sure how that happened or whose idea it was for the pregnant, chemically imbalanced chick to be in charge of the pyrotechniques but noone got hurt so it was all good.

then we took a family picture and I look like crap. but at least I have an excuse for the bedhead. (see above napping incident).

my house.
(my bitchen' house)

4th of July family.
(the fam)

(blackmail, wheee)

4th of July 034

Conner's first sparkler experience.
(last one I swear)

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  1. Your 4th sounded great. Ours was pretty similiar. It mostly revolved around Emma (sometmes naked, sometimes not), food, and teenagers with explosives. These are great pictures. Emma was not very excited about the sparklers either as she was more iterested in, ummm i dunno, the grass.