Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happy dance

Hooray. Our ultrasound following up on LIlli's kidney went wonderful today. They said she still has a bit of fluid but it's nothing that is a problem. They will be doing an ultrasound once she is born, just to check out and be safe, but it's pretty good news!

She was moving around everywhere and the tech was just awesome. She even snuck us in a few 3d/4d pictures.

My God, Lilli is just gorgeous. She has the same nose as Conner did (mine) and, oh hell just see for yourself! Click on the picture for more!

4d profile


  1. She is so pretty and she looks wonderful. I'm so glad to hear that she is healthy!!!

  2. lilli is BEAUTIFUL!! that is the coolest ultrasound picture, she looks like a little angel!!

  3. Lucky you. We didn't get the 3D/4D ones as Hayley was not very cooperative when it came to picture taking.

  4. wow..that is so beautiful...