Monday, July 31, 2006

It's Official

I have a two-year old now! Conner turned two on Saturday. Conner is still just the most amazing thing out there to me. I miss him when I'm at work, and I miss him when he's asleep.

His laugh that won Adam over from the very begining is still music to my ears and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
He's grown up so much over the last year. He now walks and his vocabulary is just growing by the minute. He is so smart and has amazing perception skills. He adores his daddy, pap, and opa. He truly is a daddy's boy.
Of course he is stubborn and demanding as only a two-year old with Paris and Hill genes could be, but I wouldn't change anything.

He wins people over no matter where he goes, and makes me feel so proud I could just burst. We get complimented on his eyes, hair, nature everything when we go out, and true we played some genetic part in his being, we know he is just a blessing in so many ways. If Conner had never come along, I'm pretty sure that we would be without kids and Adam would have never turned into the super-dad he is now.

I love you bean-town and these last two years have just flown by.



  1. Ceece,
    No doubt about it---he is one cute kid!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Conner! (late...)
    He is gorgeous. So cute!

  3. Oh wow! Happy Birthday Conner! You are a cutie pie!

  4. Belated birthday wishes to connor.
    Children are God's blessings to parents. Thrilled to hear that he's making both adam and you proud..

  5. He looks so tall in this picture. Happy Belated Birthday Conner!