Monday, July 17, 2006


Last night we were watching the news when this story came on about some students in Lebanon who had to be rescued.

The family was all pissed because the students went over there on their own accord and the US pretty much said hey, we can help you up until a certain point, but if it gets hectic then get the hell out.

Well, they didn't, so of course the US military had to risk their own butts to go help these kids out.

THEN the mom was all like, "Oh it doesn't matter how they got home, it's just important that they get home". Umm guess what lady it does too matter how they got rescued. Because you know what? It could have been my husband who was risking his safety to rescue your kid. It doesn't matter, what an idiot.

I hope that's really not what she meant and she has more respect for our troops then she let on.

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