Friday, July 14, 2006

more driving lessons 101

So I don't have time to do real open letters, instead how about some open memo's to all the the tools who made my lunch break awsome.

1-lady driving up my ass for a parking spot in which I was backing into. Yeah, you see those WHITE LIGHTS on the back of my car, white light-reverse, so move it!!!! Don't just sit there and throw your hands up in desparation, I was here first bee-yotch. Oh what's that? It looks like you're over 65, I'll have to get your information so when I take over the world, your license is REVOKED.

2-Fat dude at home depot- hey chubbers, stop sign /= to parking spot GOOOOOOOO. PS that purple color of your truck-LAME.

3-Douchebag with the really big truck, in fact so big you MUST be compensating by your miniaturereallysmallbarelyexistant penis, we are pulling up at a stoplight that is red. No need for me to haul ass, therefore no need for you to tailgate me.

Thanks and have a good day.

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