Monday, July 3, 2006

now, if we could just get rid of the pizza boxes.

*updated broken link*

Today, I did the biggest thing that symbolized being a real responsible adult (to me anyway). I went and ordered our bedroom furniture. I know right! How crazy is it that now, we will actually have a room in our house where everything matches and it doesn't look like a freaking dorm room.

It's from Ashley's and the style is "Britannia Rose", doesn't that even sound grown up. We liked it because it's all wood and will fit in with the style of our house, mostly the architectural style because really, between Adam's cheapiness and my crazy bi-polar taste, we really don't have a style.

Are you jealous? I mean I'd be jealous if I were you! (say you're jealous).


  1. I may be moving to a new house, but I'm taking all my thrift-store, flea-market, dorm-style decor along with me!
    I'm soooo jealous of you! Congrats!

  2. I may be jealous. I'm not sure as the link didn't work for me. Until I see a picture, my king size mattress and box spring is looking pretty good to me (^-^). You know, as opposed to "nothing." :)

  3. My jealousy may now officially be noted. I love this style. When (if) we ever get our bedroom finished I have a similiar style in mind. I love the dark wood, 4 post, nearly canopy bed that you have picked out.