Monday, July 31, 2006

The swelling, she hasa started!

Bleah, I noticed Friday night when I got home from work, that my tootses were looking a little...puffy. Upon closer examination, sure enough, my feet have started to swell ever so slightly. Boo. I still have 3 months left.

Now for your viewing pleasure...

The swelling, it's starting!

And a close-up-BONUS!
close-up of the swelling

PS. Isn't my new headboard bitchen'?


  1. Ooo! I love your headboard!

  2. I love your headboard too! I'm not loving the swollen feet . . .try to get some rest inbetween work, and conner, and ummm saving the world!

  3. First of all, I apologize for taking forever to get over to visit you.
    Second, your son is adorable.
    Third, your kids are going to be about the same age apart as mine. I'm due in three weeks.
    Fourth, and probably most are hilarious!
    I'll be back often.