Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Holy crap what a week-end. Adam was gone for military, meaning it was just the Bean and I. So naturally I opted to do some power-shopping and damn the boy was a trooper!

The boy and I spent most of our Saturday looking for nursery furniture that either doesn’t cost as much as a mortgage payment or doesn’t look like we dragged it out of an alley. Yeah turns out they don’t make it, so umm furniture companies out there, how about we hop on that?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the babies changing table has to be made of gold or some shit, but I’d like to be confident that when I lay Conner or Lilli on it, they won’t drop through the top like a refrigerator on the top floor of an apartment in a cartoon!

Right, so we have a nice painted room, but not furniture. Booo.

Then we went looking for the holy grail airplane themed birthday stuff for Conner’s birthday and guess what! Haha yeah, they don’t really make that either. Good times. So I decided to totally throw the boy off his nap schedule and detour to Victoria’s Secret since I had a coupon for some free undies. Score! Also stopped by the Children’s Place and got some super, amazingly, cute clothes for the wee-ones. (hooray for clearances and 20% off coupons). I tell you what, the chicks that work in there really get my props, I mean damn you are surrounded by bad, screaming, spoiled people-who bring their kids with them!

Now for some cuteness!!!
lilli outfits

new shoes!
*New shoes*

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